Where to Find New Zealand’s Best Craft Beers

Key Takeaways:

  • The craft beer scene in New Zealand is thriving, with a variety of craft beer bars located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, and Dunedin.
  • Some of the best breweries to visit in New Zealand include Shakespeare Brewery And Hotel, Sweat Shop, The Beer Spot, Good George Brewing And Dining Hall, Parrotdog Bar, Fortune Favours, Cassels Brewery, Two Thumb Brewing Company, Moutere Inn, Mussel Inn, The Free House, and Emersons.
  • Exploring these craft beer bars and breweries is a great way to experience the diverse and high-quality craft beers that New Zealand has to offer.

New Zealand boasts a thriving craft beer scene that is not to be missed! In this section, we’ll dive into the rich world of craft beer in New Zealand, exploring its unique flavors, breweries, and emerging trends. From the lush landscapes that influence the ingredients, to the local passion and craftsmanship behind each brew, get ready to uncover the hidden gems and renowned establishments that make New Zealand a destination for beer enthusiasts.

Craft Beer Scene in New Zealand

New Zealand rocks when it comes to craft beer. Bars and breweries spread across the country, with Auckland’s selection of craft beer bars being particularly impressive. Wellington has a strong craft beer culture and popular bars for locals and tourists alike. Christchurch and Nelson are great destinations for craft beer lovers. Even Dunedin has its own share of craft beer bars.

Auckland offers guests a great experience with craft beer and comfortable accommodation at Shakespeare Brewery And Hotel. The Beer Spot is a must-visit, with its extensive variety of local and international brews. Parrotdog Bar is a favorite spot of locals in Wellington. Christchurch’s Cassels Brewery is popular for its quality brews. Emersons in Dunedin is an established name in the industry.

To sum up, New Zealand’s craft beer scene is worth exploring. From Auckland to Dunedin, there are plenty of options for locals and tourists. Craft beer bars offer delightful experiences in each city.

Craft Beer Bars in Auckland

Explore Auckland’s vibrant craft beer scene! With a wide array of establishments, beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs can enjoy the best of local brews.

Visit Shakespeare Brewery And Hotel and experience its onsite accommodation and traditional pub atmosphere. Head to Sweat Shop for its extensive range of craft beers and regular events. The Beer Spot offers an impressive selection of beers from both local and international breweries. Plus, they provide tasting flights. Good George Brewing And Dining Hall, located close to Auckland, offers delicious food options to pair with craft beers. And don’t miss out on Parrotdog Bar in Wellington, renowned for its unique and flavorful brews.

Auckland’s craft beer bars provide an inviting atmosphere. Showcasing the creativity and passion behind New Zealand’s craft beer industry, these venues offer something for everyone. Make sure to plan your visit today and indulge in the rich flavors, unique brews, and compelling stories behind each pint. And when you’re in Wellington, don’t forget to experience the craft beer bars where the pints flow like the politicians’ promises.

Craft Beer Bars in Wellington

Parrotdog Bar: A must-visit for craft beer fans! Innovative flavors, relaxed atmosphere, plus an impressive selection of local and seasonal brews on tap.

Fortune Favours: A trendy craft beer bar with an industrial vibe. Handcrafted beers brewed on-site, plus live music and friendly conversations.

The Free House: A unique experience for beer-lovers. Historic church building, with a vast selection of local and international craft beers. Charm of the past combined with modern brewing expertise.

In Wellington, craft beer bars offer delightful experiences. Diversity and creativity, making it a destination for beer-enthusiasts visiting NZ.

Christchurch – craft beer bars for every sorrowful sip in search of help!

Craft Beer Bars in Christchurch

Discover the unique flavors of New Zealand’s craft beer scene at the craft beer bars in Christchurch! These hotspots offer a vibrant atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

Cassels Brewery is a must-visit, boasting a rustic setting and an array of beer brewed on-site. Two Thumb Brewing Company uses only locally sourced ingredients to craft their beers. The Free House is an old church building that offers a rotating tap list of both local and international brews.

No matter if you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to the craft beer scene, these bars provide something for everyone. Make the journey to Christchurch and immerse yourself in hops and happiness!

Craft Beer Bars in Nelson

Nelson, in New Zealand, is famous for its craft beer scene. There are several bars that attract locals and beer aficionados from all over. Among them, The Free House is special. It is situated in an old church, creating a cozy atmosphere for craft beer lovers. Because of its great ambiance, it is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

Another renowned Craft Beer Bar in Nelson is Moutere Inn. This is the oldest pub in New Zealand and it offers a great selection of craft beers. Patrons can drink their beer in the inviting interior or in the sunny courtyard.

Near Golden Bay is Mussel Inn. Here, beer fans can enjoy live music events, delicious craft beers, and farm-to-table dining in a rustic setting.

For those who want to explore the craft beer scene, these Craft Beer Bars in Nelson are perfect. Plus, Dunedin is another city in New Zealand renowned for its craft beer culture. There is a wide variety of craft beers to try there!

Craft Beer Bars in Dunedin

Discover the craft beer culture of Dunedin! With a variety of bars offering an impressive selection of unique flavors and styles, there’s something for everyone.

Pay a visit to Emersons for an extensive array of beers, or try the Craft Beer Room with its cozy atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. For a more laid-back experience, check out The Inch Bar with its live music performances. The Albar boasts a carefully curated menu and friendly service, while Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar offers delicious food to go along with your beer. Lastly, don’t miss out on Dunedin Brewery & Distillery, which specializes in locally brewed beverages.

So grab your friends and savor the craft beers of Dunedin!

Best Breweries to Visit in New Zealand

Discover the ultimate guide to exploring the best breweries in New Zealand. From Shakespeare Brewery and Hotel in Auckland to the iconic Mussel Inn in Nelson, this section highlights the top destinations for craft beer enthusiasts. Uncover the unique offerings of Sweat Shop in Auckland, The Beer Spot in Auckland, and Good George Brewing and Dining Hall in Hamilton. Experience the vibrant beer culture at Parrotdog Bar in Wellington and Fortune Favours in Wellington. Embark on a tasteful journey at Cassels Brewery in Christchurch and Two Thumb Brewing Company in Christchurch. Don’t miss out on the delights of Moutere Inn, Mussel Inn, The Free House, and Emersons in Nelson, or the flavors of Emersons in Dunedin.

Shakespeare Brewery And Hotel, Auckland

Sweat Shop, Auckland: A renowned craft beer destination! This brewery and hotel offers a unique experience for beer lovers. With its diverse selection of craft beers and comfortable accommodations, it’s a must-visit.

Brewers expertly craft traditional styles to innovative and experimental brews. Locally sourced ingredients give the beers a distinct New Zealand flavor.

The hotel features well-appointed rooms with modern amenities. It’s a perfect retreat in the heart of Auckland!

At Sweat Shop, guests explore buzzing bars or enjoy a relaxing pint. An unforgettable craft beer experience in an iconic location!

Sweat Shop, Auckland

The Sweat Shop in Auckland is the ultimate spot for beer lovers. It’s got a vibrant atmosphere and a huge selection of craft beers – traditional and experimental. From IPAs to stouts and everything in between, you’ll find it here! Plus, it’s housed in a refurbished warehouse, giving the bar an industrial-chic vibe.

There’s plenty of room to hang out, plus outdoor seating for when the weather’s nice. And the knowledgeable staff can recommend the perfect beer for you. Plus, there’s events like tastings and tap takeovers – a great way to meet other beer enthusiasts!

So if you’re visiting Auckland, make sure you check out the Sweat Shop. It’s where the beer flows like a river, and the hangovers flow like Niagara!

The Beer Spot, Auckland

The Beer Spot – an Auckland, New Zealand craft beer bar. It’s famous for its varied selection of craft beers from both local and international breweries. They provide a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, making it a hot spot for beer aficionados!

Knowledgeable staff and a wide beer menu mean customers can explore and sample unique, flavorful beers. There’s something for everyone – from experienced beer gurus to newbies just starting their craft beer journey.

One of the best bits? The Beer Spot’s regular tap beer rotation – always new and exciting to try! Plus, delicious food accompanies the drinks.

The Beer Spot is in Auckland. Perfect for beer lovers looking to get into the NZ craft beer scene. Next time you’re in Auckland, be sure to check it out for the ultimate craft beer experience!

Good George Brewing And Dining Hall, Hamilton

Good George Brewing And Dining Hall in Hamilton is a must-visit brewery. It’s renowned for its excellent craft beers! Visitors can savor the flavors, as well as a variety of food options. The brewery is also committed to sustainability. Solar power and recycling spent grain are just two of their eco-friendly practices. This, plus a great selection of beers, makes it an ideal spot for a unique dining experience. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or simply looking for an enjoyable time, Good George Brewing And Dining Hall in Hamilton should be on your list!

Parrotdog Bar, Wellington

Parrotdog Bar is a craft beer haven in Wellington, New Zealand. It’s renowned for its selection of Parrotdog Brewery’s amazing craft beers. You’ll find a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff when you visit. Enjoy a top-notch pint of craft beer!

The bar offers all sorts of Parrotdog Brewery’s signature brews. Find award-winning IPAs, pale ales, and stouts! Plus, discover classic favorites and seasonal releases. Tap takeovers and beer festivals offer the chance to try something new.

What sets Parrotdog Bar apart? It supports local talent! Along with its own beers, it features guest taps from other local breweries. This means visitors can sample lots of craft beers from different brewers in the region.

Parrotdog Bar is the perfect place for craft beer lovers. Its dynamic atmosphere, great beer selection, and commitment to local brewers make it a must-visit spot in New Zealand.

Fortune Favours, Wellington

Visit Fortune Favours, the renowned craft beer bar in Wellington, New Zealand. It’s a favorite for beer enthusiasts! A vast selection of craft beers is available – brewed onsite and from other respected breweries. There’s something for everyone – hoppy IPAs, stouts, lagers, you name it! Plus, sustainability is a priority; energy-efficient equipment and waste reduction strategies are used.

When in Wellington, don’t miss this spot for a memorable beer experience. The staff can recommend brews according to your preferences. Plus, get immersed in the craft beer scene and enjoy great company. Fortune Favours is listed as one of the best breweries to visit in Wellington.

Head over to Cassels Brewery in Christchurch too. Its beer is so good, you’ll forget about the earthquakes!

Cassels Brewery, Christchurch

If you’re in Christchurch, Cassels Brewery is a must! It’s renowned for its craft beer and the experience it offers. There’s an inviting atmosphere and a great range of brews. Plus, visitors get to witness the brewing process while savouring a refreshing pint. So, don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

Two Thumb Brewing Company, Christchurch

Two Thumb Brewing Company in Christchurch offers a wide variety of beers. Only the finest ingredients are used to craft their brews, giving them rich flavor and character. Enjoy a tasting flight or pick from a huge menu of pale ales, IPAs, stouts, and lagers.

This brewery has a comfy seating area, and the staff are happy to give beer recommendations based on individual taste. For a unique experience, take a guided brewery tour and learn about the brewing process and the equipment used.

Plus, Two Thumb Brewing Company hosts events – from beer tastings to live music. It’s one of the best breweries in New Zealand, ideal for beer connoisseurs and beginners alike. So, grab a pint at Moutere Inn in Nelson and get ready to say ‘Cheers!’ and ‘What the hell did I just drink?’.

Moutere Inn, Nelson

Moutere Inn, situated in Nelson, is a renowned brewery to check out in New Zealand. With its inviting atmosphere and wide selection of craft beers, it has locals and tourists flocking in. Moutere Inn offers a special experience for beer fans, providing a range of tasty brews to cater to all palates. The inn is famous for its friendly hospitality and dedication to exhibiting the best of New Zealand’s craft beer scene.

Continuing on the topic of Moutere Inn, Nelson, this brewery stands out for its commitment to excellence and advancement. The talented brewers at Moutere Inn craft an array of flavorful beers to show the variety of New Zealand’s brewing culture. Whether you like hoppy IPAs or dark stouts, the Inn has something for every beer lover. Furthermore, the knowledgeable staff are always ready to give advice and insights into their brewing process.

Apart from its outstanding beers, Moutere Inn boasts a picturesque spot surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery. Situated in the middle of Nelson, guests can savor their craft beers while admiring the majestic views of the region. This makes Moutere Inn not only a destination for beer connoisseurs, but also for those searching for an unforgettable experience in a stunning setting.

Visiting the Mussel Inn in Nelson: where beer is the only thing that won’t leave you shell-shocked!

Mussel Inn, Nelson

Mussel Inn, a popular craft beer bar in Nelson, serves up a wide range of beer. Plus, it offers yummy food made from local ingredients. Not to mention, there are live music performances by local musicians.

What makes Mussel Inn stand out? It’s dedication to sustainability. They strive to use organic ingredients and practice eco-friendly habits. This not only helps the environment, but also adds a high-quality element to the experience.

Visitors to Nelson who want to sample great craft beers and experience New Zealand should head to Mussel Inn. Its selection of beer, food, vibrant atmosphere, and commitment to sustainability make for a memorable experience.

The Free House is another craft beer bar in Nelson. It’s well-known for providing an atmosphere of freedom with every sip. Both locations offer an authentic experience for all beer lovers in Nelson.

The Free House, Nelson

The Free House in Nelson is a famous craft beer bar in New Zealand. It’s renowned for its one-of-a-kind, cozy atmosphere, making it popular among locals and travellers. Plus, the welcoming staff provide great service. This bar has become a hangout for beer aficionados.

Their extensive selection of craft beers come from both local and international breweries. Explore an array of flavors and styles, from hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts. They take pride in providing a varied menu that caters to all tastes.

What’s more, the bar has a charming outdoor seating area. Guests can chill out while enjoying their drinks. Plus, they often organize live music events and other activities, giving an energetic vibe for visitors to mingle and have an unforgettable time.

If you’re ever in Nelson, you have to visit The Free House. Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or just starting your journey into the world of beer, this spot has something for everyone. Its inviting ambiance, wide beverage selection, and energizing vibes make it an ideal spot to unwind and savor the best craft beers that Nelson has to offer.

Emersons, Dunedin

Emersons Brewery in beautiful Dunedin is the perfect place for beer lovers. A warm, inviting atmosphere and a huge selection of delicious brews. From Pilsner to Stout, there’s something for everyone.

What sets Emersons apart is their passion for innovation and experimentation. Constantly pushing boundaries and creating new flavors for their customers to enjoy. Their team of expert brewers combine technical know-how and passion to create award-winning beers.

Emersons has gained fame for their quality, creativity, and commitment to the craft beer community. With an impressive history and amazing beers, it’s no wonder they’re a favorite destination for beer-lovers.

So, if you’re in Dunedin, don’t forget to visit Emersons Brewery and savor their unique craft beers. Plus, they’ve won multiple gold medals at international competitions such as the Australian International Beer Awards!


New Zealand is renowned for its craft beers. This article gives insight into where to find the best. The data shows multiple places in NZ for beer enthusiasts. To get a diverse experience, explore beyond one spot. The data doesn’t list specific beers or rankings. It focuses on availability and options. Adventure awaits in uncovering personal favorites. The craft beer industry in NZ has grown. Over 200 breweries are in the country, proving passionate brewers. A beer-drinking experience worth indulging in. New Zealand is the place!

Some Facts About Where to Find New Zealand’s Best Craft Beers:

  • ✅ Auckland is home to several top-rated breweries, including Shakespeare Brewery And Hotel, Sweat Shop, and The Beer Spot. (Sources: https://www.ramblingfeet.net/nz-craft-beer-trip/, https://newzealandguide.co/best-breweries-to-visit-in-new-zealand/)
  • ✅ Hamilton is another city in New Zealand where beer enthusiasts can find great craft breweries, such as Good George Brewing And Dining Hall. (Sources: https://www.ramblingfeet.net/nz-craft-beer-trip/, https://newzealandguide.co/best-breweries-to-visit-in-new-zealand/)
  • ✅ Wellington is known for its vibrant craft beer scene, with notable breweries including Parrotdog Bar, Fortune Favours, Garage Project, and more. (Sources: https://www.ramblingfeet.net/nz-craft-beer-trip/, https://newzealandguide.co/best-breweries-to-visit-in-new-zealand/)
  • ✅ Christchurch offers breweries like Cassels Brewery, Two Thumb Brewing Company, and The Brewery at The Tannery for beer enthusiasts to explore. (Sources: https://www.ramblingfeet.net/nz-craft-beer-trip/, https://newzealandguide.co/best-breweries-to-visit-in-new-zealand/)
  • ✅ Nelson is a region in New Zealand where beer lovers can visit Moutere Inn, Mussel Inn, and Sprig and Fern Brewery and Hardy Street Tavern to taste a variety of craft beers. (Sources: https://www.ramblingfeet.net/nz-craft-beer-trip/, https://newzealandguide.co/best-breweries-to-visit-in-new-zealand/)

FAQs about Where To Find New Zealand’S Best Craft Beers

Where can I find the best craft beers in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers a diverse craft beer scene with top breweries located throughout the country. Some popular places to find the best craft beers include:

  • Auckland: Check out Brothers Beer, Sweat Shop, or The Beer Spot.
  • Hamilton: Visit Good George Brewing & Dining Hall.
  • Wellington: Head to Parrotdog Bar, Fortune Favours, or Garage Project and Aro Taproom.
  • Christchurch: Don’t miss Cassels Brewery or Two Thumb Brewing Company.
  • Nelson: Explore Moutere Inn, Mussel Inn, or The Free House- Nelson.
  • Dunedin: Emerson’s Brewery and Taproom is a must-visit.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more fantastic breweries and brew bars to discover in New Zealand.

What are the top rated breweries in New Zealand?

Based on ratings and reviews, some of the top rated breweries in New Zealand include:

  • Rangiora, Canterbury: Nano brewery with 11,370 ratings and 226 beers.
  • Oamaru, Otago: Nano brewery with 8,529 ratings and 71 beers.
  • Christchurch, Canterbury: Nano brewery with 4,095 ratings and 143 beers.
  • Waipu, Northland: Micro brewery with 54,270 ratings and 101 beers.
  • Matangi, Waikato: Nano brewery with 9,440 ratings and 129 beers.
  • Helensville, Auckland: Micro brewery with 71,227 ratings and 169 beers.

These are just a selection of the top rated breweries, and there are many more outstanding breweries to explore in New Zealand.

How are brewery ratings determined?

The brewery ratings are calculated using a weighted average formula. This formula takes into account all breweries in New Zealand and rates them against each other. Weight is given to beers with higher rating counts, ensuring more popular and well-reviewed beers have a greater impact on the overall brewery rating. To qualify for the list, a brewery must have at least 1,000 ratings and at least 5 beers in their portfolio.

Where can I find Sunshine Brewery and Taproom?

Sunshine Brewery and Taproom is located in Gisborne, a beachside city on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. You can enjoy a range of their top-notch beers and a light snack menu at this inviting brewery and taproom.

What is the recommended beer to try at Alibi Brewing Company?

At Alibi Brewing Company, a secretive speakeasy-style brewery on Waiheke Island, their must-try beer is the Caliche West Coast IPA. This unique brew is sure to awaken your taste buds and provide a memorable craft beer experience.

Do I need a Craft Beer Passport to explore the breweries in New Zealand?

No, a Craft Beer Passport is not necessary to explore the breweries in New Zealand. While a Craft Beer Passport can help navigate the various bars and breweries, it is not a requirement. However, please remember not to drink and drive and always enjoy craft beer responsibly.

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