Navigating Aotearoa: Must-Have Apps and Websites for Traveling in New Zealand

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Apps and Websites when traveling to New Zealand

Essential Apps and Websites for Traveling to New Zealand

Planning a trip to New Zealand? Know the essential Apps and Websites for a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Here are some useful variations of the heading ‘Essential Apps and Websites for Traveling to New Zealand’ to help guide you.

Essential Tools for an Unforgettable Trip

When visiting New Zealand, download and use these Apps and Websites for an effortless journey:

  1. CamperMate – A free App that locates campsites, public toilets, petrol stations, Wi-Fi spots, and other amenities
  2. AA Roadwatch – A website with real-time info on traffic conditions, roadworks, and accidents
  3. MetService – A weather forecasting App with local weather conditions
  4. – An official website of the Department of Conservation with national parks, walking tracks, camping grounds & huts.

Book activities in advance through Viator or Bookme websites for bungee jumping or glacier hikes. Check EventFinder’s website for local events in different regions. Install google maps or buy a physical map before exploring the roads. These apps and websites are regularly updated with accurate information.

These tools and websites guarantee convenience and fewer surprises during your New Zealand tour. Get lost in New Zealand like a needle in a haystack, but with the right navigation app, you’ll be a GPS ninja!

Navigation and Transportation

To easily navigate through New Zealand during your travels, the following apps can be your solution: Google Maps, Uber, and Transit NZ. Google Maps provides accurate and real-time directions to any destination. Uber offers convenient and reliable transportation service. Transit NZ is a reliable platform for checking schedules, routes, and fares of public transportation.

Google Maps

Alphabet-powered location-based app, Google Maps, gives real-time directions with contextual overlays. This clever tool incorporates traffic data and satellite images to give the fastest route. It can forecast road difficulty and suggest alternatives – public transport, ride-sharing or cycling.

Google Maps collects knowledge from its billion active users and then uses it to give more detailed and personalised experience. It even gives service hours and menu options via crowdsourcing. This makes it great for those who want both safety and convenience.

Voice-controlled navigation is a feature of Google Maps which helps drivers stay focused on the road. It also shows signal lights or city speed limits on regular routes.

It all began in 2004 with two Danish brothers from Sydney who were selling a map directing people to their favourite coffee shops. That same year, they co-founded a tech firm called ‘Google Maps‘ which offered digitalised map-making services for PCs. By 2005, it was integrated into every Android device across various manufacturers, creating GPS navigation services at our fingertips. Uber came in too – making walking not an option when we’re feeling too lazy.


The transportation industry has been disrupted by the emergence of a ride-hailing service. Passengers are connected to drivers who use their personal vehicles to transport them through a clever algorithm.

Uber is one of the companies leading this field. It offers various services like UberX, UberPOOL and UberBLACK – catering to different needs. Booking and payment processes are streamlined through the mobile app.

Safety features are in place to ensure passenger satisfaction. Uber does background checks on drivers, GPS tracking for trips and user feedback systems. By providing safe and affordable options with innovative technology, Uber continues to be an industry leader.

Don’t miss out on this convenient mode of transportation. Download the app now! Transit NZ: Take the long way round to avoid road rage.

Transit NZ

The agency responsible for handling transportation in New Zealand is a government entity. It looks after roads, railways, and waterways for people and goods to move quickly. It pays attention to traffic and makes improvements when needed.

This agency has a goal of using sustainable transport. It invests in public transport like buses, trains, and ferries. It also wants people to bike and walk, so it builds safe bike lanes and pedestrian paths.

Safety is this agency’s top priority. It works with law enforcement and has campaigns to get people to drive safely.

It’s worth noting that Transit NZ helped rebuild Christchurch after the earthquake in 2011. It managed to repair roads and bridges while making sure new infrastructure could handle future disasters.

Accommodation and Booking

To find the perfect place to stay in New Zealand, use Airbnb,, or Hostelworld with the accommodation and booking section. These sub-categories will provide you with options for all budgets and preferences, whether you’re looking for a cozy house to rent or a vibrant hostel to socialize in.


Many travelers like the comforts of home when travelling. Airbnb is an online marketplace for short-term vacation rentals that connects people who have homes to rent with travelers. It offers unique stays and experiences in over 220+ countries; from apartments and villas to treehouses and castles. Every day, thousands of hosts register on Airbnb, giving guests more options.

The messaging tool on Airbnb helps guests communicate with hosts before booking. Filters like location, price, amenities, etc., help narrow down choices. Hosts get payments two days after check-in, and are rated by guests.

Pro Tip – Make sure to read through the listing details carefully, such as check-in/out times and cancellations policies, before finalizing your booking on Airbnb. This will guarantee a smooth experience! where the perfect accommodation is just a click away, and the fear of making the wrong choice is just a refresh button.

This online travel agency helps customers book accommodation worldwide with ease. Visitors can choose from millions of hotels, apartments, villas, resorts and other properties. It provides real-time availability, prices and reviews. Plus, it has customized filters and deals to fit individual needs and budgets.’s mobile app makes booking easier on the go.

Statista reports that is the number one online travel agency worldwide in 2020, with a 23% market share. Staying in a hostel can be like a game of Russian roulette – but Hostelworld guarantees you a bed.


This platform helps travelers find budget accommodation globally. On the website, you can search and book hostels, hotels, and group accommodations at competitive prices. Plus, you’ll get all the info about each property, including reviews from other guests.

Hostelworld has an app too, so you can book on-the-go. It operates in over 170 countries, giving you access to more than 36,000 properties worldwide.

The interface and booking system were so great, they even won several travel industry awards! And in 2019, Travel Weekly gave Hostelworld the Best Technology Product Award for its advanced API integration capabilities. Communication is essential, but translation can be the key to a successful trip.

Communication and Translation

To communicate and overcome language barriers while traveling to New Zealand, use Google Translate, Skype, and WhatsApp. These apps and websites can help you speak with locals and understand menus, signs, and directions. For a stress-free and enjoyable trip, ensure you have these tools on hand before your journey.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a popular web-based language translation service. It uses AI to provide machine translations for many languages. People use it for communication beyond borders.

The table below shows the different translation qualities, supported languages and accuracy percentages for Google Translate:

Translation QualitySupported LanguagesAccuracy %
Automatic Translation109 Languages70-90%
Human Translation12 Languages100%

Google Translate offers automatic translations for 109 languages and human translation services in 12 languages.

Although accuracy is at 70-90%, users should be aware of cultural and linguistic nuances.

For smoother communication, one should prefer human translations rather than machine translations. They provide cultural sensitivity and context awareness. Training the AI on less-translated languages can increase accuracy in the future.

Skype: Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a pixelated, glitchy video call with your special someone!


This NLP-powered software enables real-time voice and video communication between people or groups from anywhere. It facilitates effortless virtual meetings across various devices and OSs.

Screen sharing, instant messaging, call recording, file sharing, and translation services are just a few of its features. It has great call quality, affordable pricing plans, and an easy-to-use UI.

This platform is perfect for businesses wanting to boost global communication and cut down costs. By using it as their primary digital communication strategy, companies can build better working relationships with customers around the world.


WhatsApp users can create groups of up to 256 people. It supports file-sharing, letting users send documents, images, videos and audio files. There’s also a status feature to post pictures or short videos.

What sets WhatsApp apart is its translation feature. It uses either Google Translate or Microsoft Translator, making it easier for people who speak different languages to communicate without language barriers.

Statista reports that, as of February 2020, WhatsApp has over two billion active users worldwide. Money talks, but language barriers can get in the way.

Currency and Finances

To manage your currency and finances properly when traveling to New Zealand, check out the following solutions. XE Currency Converter, ASB Mobile Banking App, and Splitwise can help you save money on exchange rates and manage your expenses efficiently while enjoying your trip.

XE Currency Converter

XE Currency Converter is a user-friendly tool that presents financial and currency-related information. You can quickly view the quantitative figures related to different currencies from around the world.

Compare currency exchange rates from different countries with the XE Currency Converter. The table below shows the actual conversion rates for selected currencies.


The conversion rate is impacted by factors such as volatility, money flow trends, and market liquidity.

Pro Tip: Set up alerts to stay informed about currency movements and investments. This will help you make smart decisions with your finances. Also, use the ASB Mobile Banking App – no need for human interaction! Just tap your fingers and check your bank balance, or transfer money.

ASB Mobile Banking App

ASB’s Mobile Banking App is an ultra-modern digital tool that gives customers immediate access to banking services on-the-go.

  • Users can view their account balance and transaction history through the app, and create regular payments.
  • The app enables customers to safely deposit checks, move funds between accounts, and control credit card info in real-time.
  • The app contains biometric authentication such as fingerprint scans and face ID recognition for data safety and secure financial operations.

Moreover, ASB’s mobile banking app can also send money abroad swiftly and with ease.

Finder shares: ASB has some of the best term deposits interest rates in New Zealand.

I often rely on Splitwise to stay on top of my debts, which is ironic because it’s the single spot I can see how broke I am.


Users can make groups to divide expenses with companions in real-time. It solves awkward conversations on who owes who by calculating precisely who owes what and sends notifications via email or push notifications.

The app can handle global currencies and allows users to include expenses in any currency they want, saving time from manual conversion.

It has a user-friendly interface with simple navigation, which makes it easy for first-time users to learn and use the app.

Data security is ensured with military-grade encryption technology to guarantee privacy and safety of user’s data.

Splitwise also connects with other payment apps such as Paypal, Venmo and Monzo for quick payments, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious users.

Pro Tip: Add the expenses into the app as soon as you can. This helps prevent confusion in the future if you forget whether you paid or received money.

Our local tips could help you save enough money for dessert!

Local Recommendations

To get the most out of your trip to New Zealand, you need to know the best local places to visit. That’s where our local recommendations come in! In this section about local recommendations, we’ll give you some great tips on the top places to visit. We’ll go over the best features of TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and Zomato.


Introducing Foursquare – the review platform for the adventurous traveler! It’s perfect for those who crave authentic experiences. Local experts provide invaluable insights and ratings on hotels, restaurants, activities, and attractions. So you can easily craft memorable itineraries tailored to your preferences.

A survey conducted by Statista in 2019 reveals that TripAdvisor is the most widely used online travel site worldwide, with over 490 million unique monthly visitors. Foursquare allows users to find hidden gems and avoid tourist traps. Plus, get insider tips and suggestions to create personalized travel plans that exceed expectations!


Foursquare has revolutionized exploration! It has a database of over 105 million places worldwide. It offers personal recommendations and tips based on users’ experiences. It gives real-time insights into popular spots.

This app encourages users to discover new places, instead of just leaving reviews. It suggests nearby places of interest like restaurants, museums, and nightlife. You can also browse profiles of other users who have been there.

Pro Tip: Customize the Foursquare app settings to get the most accurate recommendations. Try Zomato – it’s a hunger game!


Zomato has a humongous database of more than 1 million restaurants across 24 countries. It provides users with facilities like food ordering, table booking, discounts, and cashback offers for various events. Additionally, in certain areas, customers can even order alcohol from associated stores.

The firm was initiated in 2008 as Foodiebay, with only Delhi NCR as its service region, by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It rapidly extended its reach to other cities in India. In 2010, it became a global entity with the name Zomato.

Safety is significant, however, sometimes the most excellent advice stem from those who have experienced the peril.


To ensure your safety while traveling to New Zealand, it’s important to equip yourself with the right tools. With this in mind, the ‘Safety’ section in the article ‘Useful Apps and Websites when traveling to New Zealand’ focuses on providing you with solutions that can help keep you safe. The sub-sections, including ‘New Zealand Civil Defence App’, ‘SafeTravel’, and ‘First Aid – American Red Cross’ will help you prepare for any emergency or situation that may arise during your travels.

New Zealand Civil Defence App

The Civil Defence App from New Zealand is designed for citizens. It gives you real-time info on weather, disasters, and emergencies. Features like up-to-date info on evacuation routes and safety guidelines make it an effective safety tool.

You can personalize the app with alerts based on location or proximity. It also has info on what to do before, during and after a disaster. This helps you take action quickly and stay safe.

The app equips you with survival skills, too. It’s got enough info to help you plan a better emergency response. To get the most out of it, follow recommendations and keep your device updated via Wi-Fi or data connections.

Travel safely, so you won’t need a T-shirt to be identified!


Secure your voyage by taking precautions. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Research the destination’s political climate and safety history.
  2. Buy travel insurance for medical emergencies and cancellations.
  3. Keep passport, ID and travel documents close.
  4. Have emergency contacts saved.
  5. Be aware of surroundings. Avoid dark areas and risky activities.
  6. Pre-book with reputable providers or use ride-share apps with good reviews.
  7. Pack light. Don’t leave luggage unattended in crowded places.
  8. Know the nearest embassy or consulate in case of an emergency.
  9. Be conscious of your environment and plan for contingencies.
  10. Learn first aid. It’s like insurance – you won’t need it, until you do.

First Aid – American Red Cross

First-aid skills are important to know in case of an emergency. The American Red Cross has a specific way to help people with different types of injuries.

Here’s a 4-step guide:

  1. Look around to make sure it’s safe for you to help.
  2. Check if the person is conscious, breathing and has a pulse.
  3. Do life-saving techniques like CPR, stop any bleeding or make sure bones are stable.
  4. Provide support while waiting for medical help to arrive and make sure vital signs stay the same.

When giving first aid, tell the person what to do and ask questions.

The American Red Cross recommends practicing these techniques until you know them by heart. You can find classes in your community to help you.

An amazing example of first aid is James Harrison, also known as ‘The Man with the Golden Arm.’ He has given blood every week for more than 60 years. His rare blood antibody has saved 2 million babies from Rhesus disease. This shows us how first aid can save lives.

Be prepared for the worst and don’t worry about the weather forecast.

Weather Updates

To stay prepared for any weather changes during your trip to New Zealand, you need an efficient solution for weather updates. Check out Metservice, Weatherzone, and AccuWeather as your go-to apps or websites. Each of these sub-sections offers unique benefits to keep you up-to-date with the latest updates, making your travel experience more comfortable and safe.


Metservice, New Zealand’s official weather authority, offers accurate forecasts. They use advanced meteorology tools and create interactive, easy-to-use charts and maps. Plus, you can access real-time data on regional rainfall, temperature, wind speed and cloud cover. It’s perfect for travelers and those wanting important climate updates.

Consumer surveys, like Colmar Brunton NZ Reports, gave Metservice the highest consumer trust rating for weather information. It’s like playing Russian roulette, but with umbrellas instead of guns – checking the weather forecast!


Stay ahead of the game with our Weatherhub! Get real-time forecasts and interactive maps with wind speed, rainfall data, and more. Plus, get alerts and warnings for severe weather situations in the area.

AccuWeather’s premium services include expert analysis from meteorologists and tailored climate reporting. Cut through the chaos with the latest atmospheric conditions and stay informed with confidence and ease. Get the most out of your weekend plans with AccuWeather – nothing says ‘exciting’ like detailed reports on precipitation!


This renowned meteorological organization brings the most up-to-date info on weather conditions with cutting-edge tech. It provides an unparalleled level of certainty for safety and comfort. Plus, updates are available in different regions worldwide.

AccuWeather is easily accessible through mobile apps and web browsers. It has a user-friendly interface for temperature, wind speed, and precipitation probability visualization.

Unexpected climate changes cause sudden storms. AccuWeather helps avoid such situations by providing real-time updates. Recently, a sailor revealed how AccuWeather saved his life while sailing a storm across the Atlantic.

In conclusion, AccuWeather gives incomparable assurances when dealing with unpredictable weather in today’s world. If small talk about the weather is a cultural norm, I must be breaking etiquette by only wanting to discuss the apocalypse!

Cultural Insights and Etiquette

To gain cultural insights and etiquette tips while traveling to New Zealand, turn to the section on Cultural Insights and Etiquette with Culture Trip, Culture Crossing Guide, and Kwintessential as solution. These sub-sections will provide valuable information on the country’s customs, manners, and traditions to help you navigate New Zealand’s unique cultural landscape with respect and appreciation.

Culture Trip

As we explore cultures, it’s vital to remember their customs. Knowing the subtleties of their traditions can help you respect locals. Before visiting, learn the dress codes and gestures. Be aware of language and tone. Be patient and open-minded when trying new food.

Greet people in an appropriate way. It may be a handshake, bow, or local greeting. To understand a culture, take part in festivals and traditions. Appreciate diversity to gain insight. Don’t miss out on any opportunities!

Cross cultures by playing Twister – watch your step and hope not to offend!

Culture Crossing Guide

A Culture Adaptation Guide can help you gain skills and knowledge about other cultures. It’s important to know nuances and cultural differences when communicating with different ethnicities. Here’s a guide for cross-cultural etiquette and insights.

Refer to the table below for more info:

CultureCustoms & TraditionsTaboos & No-No’s
JapanBowing, Respect for Elders, Gift-GivingAvoid Public Displays of Affection and Tipping in restaurants
IndiaNamaste Greeting, Spicy Food, Festival CelebrationsAvoid touching someone’s head or feet as they are considered sacred.
ChinaGiving Face, Red Color Symbolism, Chopsticks EtiquetteAvoid discussing politics or criticizing your host.

Do research on the culture you’re visiting before you go. This way, you can avoid embarrassing situations.

This Guide is great for anyone new to international customs. Abide by these rules to keep misunderstandings away and build meaningful connections.

For example, a fork scratching against a plate may sound harsh to westerners, but it could mean enjoyment in some cultures. Knowing these little details can help you have a great cross-cultural experience.

Kwintessential – Because understanding cultural norms is like having a secret codebook to prevent embarrassing blunders!


It’s essential to be aware of cultural etiquette when dealing with people from various backgrounds. This can help build strong business relationships. Simple gestures, such as a handshake or greeting, can vary much between cultures. To avoid offending someone, do research beforehand. Punctuality, for example, is seen as a sign of respect in some, yet more relaxed in others. Cultural etiquette has evolved over time and differs hugely between nations. In Japan, bowing is a way of showing respect. In Malaysia, offering gifts with both hands is polite. Knowing these nuances can show sensitivity towards people’s values.

Exploring the outdoors can be fun, unless you forget the bug spray and become a mosquito’s dinner!

Outdoor Adventure and Exploration

To enhance your outdoor adventure and exploration experience while traveling to New Zealand, you need to have access to the right tools and resources. Use AllTrails, Trailforks, and NZ Topo Map. These sub-sections will provide you with all the benefits you need to navigate through different terrains, discover hidden gems, and make the most of your outdoor adventure experience in New Zealand.


AllTrails provides a detailed database of adventure routes worldwide. It has a filter feature to sift through trails based on difficulty, distance, elevation gain and ratings. The app has real-time navigation with offline maps that don’t need internet. You can make personalized maps with waypoints. Plus, share trail experiences, post reviews, suggestions and photos. AllTrails is an industry-leading app for discovery-seeking individuals.

Moreover, AllTrails offers rewards by taking part in challenges such as completing lengths of a trail or exploring new locations. It was launched in 2010 by Russell Cook from San Francisco. Now it is one of the leading apps for outdoor enthusiasts globally and won awards such as Forbes’ best travel app in 2015. Trailforks makes it easier to find a trail and get lost with confidence!


Trail mapping software has changed the way outdoor fans plan and enjoy their trips. It brings sophisticated navigational tools that are tailor-made for each person’s requirements and preferences.

  • Trailforks offers a massive amount of details about local trails, such as entry points, difficulty levels, and conditions.
  • The platform also enables users to easily create personalised routes and save them for later.
  • The community-driven database of Trailforks helps make sure data is up-to-date and accurate.

One special feature of Trailforks is its capability to give users real-time updates about path blockings or other essential data. This is incredibly helpful for frequent explorers or people who live in ever-changing areas.

Did you know? A survey by Singletracks found that Trailforks was the most popular mountain bike app among North American riders.

Why bother with GPS when you have NZ Topo Map? It’s like an adventure book, but with more mountains and fewer unhappy endings.

NZ Topo Map

The New Zealand Topographic Map is the go-to map for all outdoor enthusiasts. It consists of contour lines that show the terrain and features of the country.

The map is split into columns, including:

  • Location Name
  • Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
  • Altitude (in meters)
  • Landmarks
  • Rivers/streams
  • Vegetation types
  • Man-made structures

Unique features include identifying ultra-prominent peaks above 1500m high. Plus, it provides details on how many ranks below this height are included. Also, it includes information on glacially carved valleys, which are great destinations for mountaineers during the summer.

Pro Tip: Get to know the map symbols, so you can accurately interpret the NZ Topo Map. Exploring outdoors is always an adventure!


Apps plus websites can make travelling New Zealand a cinch! From discovering the top spots to booking inexpensive lodgings, tech can be your top travel buddy.

Transport? The Transit App or Auckland Transport app can aid you with planning routes. Accommodation? and Expedia provide various options at various prices. Plus, you can use Google Maps to help you explore.

For something special, why not try Airbnb for local home hires or Viator for activities and tours? Also, stay connected while travelling: download the Vodafone or Spark mobile apps for prepaid SIM card purchases.

Tip: Ensure your phone’s unlocked before departing home; this’ll let you quickly switch out SIM cards for value-for-money data plans in New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some essential travel apps for visiting New Zealand?

Some essential travel apps for visiting New Zealand include the New Zealand travel guide app, Campermate, Google Maps, and Bookme.

2. Are there any websites to help plan my itinerary in New Zealand?

Yes, websites like Tourism New Zealand, New Zealand Travel and New offer travel tips and itinerary planning tools to help plan your trip.

3. Is it necessary to download a language translator app before traveling to New Zealand?

No, English is the most widely spoken and understood language in New Zealand, so it’s not necessary to download a language translator app unless you plan to visit a region with a high concentration of Maori speakers.

4. What weather apps are useful for traveling to New Zealand?

WeatherWatch and MetService are two weather apps that come highly recommended for travelers to New Zealand. These apps provide up-to-date weather forecasts and alerts for various regions throughout the country.

5. Are there any apps to help with transportation in New Zealand?

Yes, apps like Uber, GrabOne, and Transit allow travelers to easily navigate public transportation, find ride-sharing options, and even book taxis.

6. What are some must-have apps for outdoor adventures in New Zealand?

Some must-have apps for outdoor adventures in New Zealand include the Department of Conservation NZ app, which provides hiking and camping information across the country, and the Milford Track app, which is specifically designed for hikers planning to tackle the famous Milford Track.

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